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Chess Bibliography

THE DR. ROBERT BLASS LIBRARY, Christie's Auction Catalogue, May 8, 1992. p, mint, 62p, In terms of the value and rarity of the items auctioned, this is the most significant auction of chess items held since the Rimington-Wilson collection in London in 1928 and 1931, the likes of which will likely never be approached.  A very nice job in terms of reproductions of some of the title pages of many rare items together with descriptions.  However, an auction of the chess letters and photos from the Lawson collection would vastly win out in that category by a wide margin. The one exception there would be the very early manuscripts where the Blass collection had some 14 entries compared to none in the Lawson Collection. $30

 CATALOGUE  OF BOOKS IN LIBRARY AND PAPERS AND PERIODICALS ON FILE, New Orleans Chess, Checkers & Whist Club, April 1st, 1889.p, exc20p. The chess holdings are quite impressive. They also subscribed to 6 chess magazines and all six New Orleans newspapers. Extremely scarce. A good source for anyone conducting further research on Morphy. $35


JOHN RATHER CHESS CATALOG 1989-1, some 246 items, many nice items, Rather was one of the top chess book dealers on the world scene for over thirty years. $8

LEIDSCH SCHAAKGENOOTSCHAP CATALOGUS 1946, 23p, with  some rare items. Dutch.p, vg, covers loose.  $10

CATALOGUE No. 1 BOOKS – PERIODICALS PICTURES – AUTOGRAPHS – 670 ITEMS, DR. Albrecht Buschke, January 1940.  An extremely interesting catalogue since most of the items were those that the author managed to sneak past the border guards as he left Germany as a refugee from in 1938. Especially  notable are the catalogues of other great collections. This is the best Buschke catalogue of all. 40 pages. Last page tattered at edges. Quite scarce. Many oddities. $95

A SELECTION OF CHESS MAGAZINES, Buschke Catalog for Spring 1955. 4p, $2 


AN OVERVIEW OF YUGOSLAV CHESS LITERATURE (An Annotated Bibliography) I Period 1886 - 1952, D. Drajic. Belgrade 2010, h, exc, one of 300 copies, 105p. $28

BIBLIOTHECA SHAHILUDI - BIBLIOTHEK DES SCHACHSPIELS, E. M. Oettinger, Leipzig, 1844, an early chess bibliography, p, exc, 269 entries for early books. 49p, xerox copy, $30


BLOOMSBURY BOOK AUCTIONS CATALOG July 24, 2003, p, mint, 155 chess lots incl. some great rarities. With good descriptions and reproductions of some title pages. $26

BONUS SOCIUS - JUILEUMUITGAVE VOOR MEINDERT NIEMEIJER, Royal Dutch Library, The Hague, 1977, p, exc. A collection of articles presented to Dr. Niemeijer on the occasion of his 75th birthday. With errata sheet. 296p. The papers cover a wide range of subjects from chess problems to descriptions of collections

, details of the Alekhine-Capa match (it too was roiled with tensions and arguments), rithmomachia, chess publications of Dr. Niemeijer, ... Many are in Dutch and German.  $65


CATALOGUE OF THE CHESS LIBRARY OF F. H. WILLING, comprising over 1200 volumes, ringbd xerox ed, exc, 37p. This library found its way to the Free Library of Philadelphia around 1916. Includes the Cobarubias and the Cozio, the 1597 Gianutio, the Shastree, etc $22


CHESS COLUMNS - A LIST, K. Whyld, Olomouc, 2002, 587p.h, exc. An indispensable reference for any chess researcher even though, as the author admits, there are many errors. In fact it would be close to impossible to ever compile a totally accurate list due to the start-stop nature of chess columns in many periodicals along with frequent title changes and the enormous number of columns throughout the world. Still, most of the key columns are cited and without this list any individual efforts are likely to fruitless. One glaring and indefensible error is that he does not give credit to Dr. Albrecht Buschke for the 150-page columns list that Buschke compiled and which I furnished to Whyld years before he published this book. $48


CHESS LIBRARIES IN AMERICA, A. Buschke, reprint of Princeton U. Library Chronicle from 1941. 6p, $8


CHESS: AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF WORKS PUBLISHED IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE 1850-1968,compiled by Douglas Betts, Boston, 1974, original edition, h, exc, with the bookplate of Norman Reider. 659p, despite its many omissions and errors this is a valuable resource for the collector of chess books in English. $295

CHESS: AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF WORKS PUBLISHED IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE 1969-1988, A. Lusis, London & New York, 1991, h, exc, corners bumped,

320p, a very useful book, especially for libraries. $125


DAS SCHACHSPIEL IN LITERATUR UND KUNST, A. Kiefer, Munich, 1958, h, exc, with dj, 233p. Among other notable notable chess poems and essays is the German translation of Vida's The Game of Chess. $30


JOHN RATHER CATALOG, catalog, 1979#1, $8, p, exc, Rather was one of the leading chess book dealers from the 1970's to the 1990s and issued excellent catalogs.


LITERATUR DES SCHACHSPIELS, Anton Schmid, Vienna, 1847, DDR quality reprint of the original 1847 edition. h, exc, 402p. A good bibliography for early chess books (up to that day) with extensive material o the more important works. $80


PRIMER ENSAYO DE BIBLIOGRAFIA ESPANOLA DE AJDREZ, Paluzie, Barcelona,1912. 39p. L/N 78, p. fair. complete but several pages chipped,not affecting text. Scarce. $80 


QUARITCH CATALOGUE OF THE RIMINGTON-WILSON COLLECTION OF CHESS BOOKS, Cat. #428(1929), London, 96p, Xerox copy, ringbd, exc. The Rimington-Wilson Collection was at that time the finest collection of early chess works ever assembled up to that time, and if still held together in one place would still be the best such collection ever assembled for cherss books before 1900, beyond any question beating the White Collection, the Schmid Collection, etc. $42


SACHOVA LITERATURA, F. Holek, Brno, 1993, p, mint, 356p. A bibliography of chess literature. In Czechoslovakian. 2395 entries. $30


SHAKHMATNAYA LITERATURA SSSR - BIBLIOGRAPHIYA 2nd edition, Moscow 2001, p, exc, (1775-1997), 319p. $32.


SOME RARE CHESS BOOKS, J.W. Adan, from an issue of The Bookman's Journal and Print Collector, of Feb. 1923. Discusses some of the earliest and rarest of chess books with prices realized in auctions in the early 1900s. xerox copy of just the article on chess books. $4.


THE BOOK OF CHESS LISTS,Andy Soltis, Jefferson, 1984, h, mint. Not strictly a bibliography book, but with some such material. Certainly a fascinating book with such items as Bobby Fischer's List of the Ten Greatest Players of All Time, Eleven Master Games with Illegal Moves, Seven Botches Brilliancies,... This is the most readable chess book ever! $38


THE LITERATURE OF CHESS, J. Graham, Jefferson, 1984, h, exc, 250p, a useful book for the neophyte in chess who wants a guide to some of the better-known books on chess in the common categories of openings, middle game, endings, games collections, etc. There are, however, numerous rather foolish statements such as (of the Alekhine-Capablanca 1927 match): "Alekhine won by four games to three with 25 draws!" Can the author even count? Or this one on Vukovic's book The Art of Attack in Chess: "It has already transformed many a lackluster player into a tiger." Prove it! It is an excellent book none the less. $40.