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HC-1 L/N 493 Practical Chess Grammar London 1817 W. S. Kenny VG H Bound in 3/4 leather & marble boards. 57p & 9 plates.  A NOTABLE NEW GAMES COLLECTION: PAUL FELIX SCHMIDT. THIS SCHMIDT WAS A GENUINE IGM WHO HAD HIS CAREER BADLY
DISTORTED BY WWII H, BUT WHO MANAGED TO GET TO THE USA FOR A  CAREER IN chemistry,   largely  switching to research in that area. . small edition, Nottingham, 2017. A. J. Gillam.227p.

HANDBUCH DER SCHACHAUFGABEN, Max Lange, Leipzig, 1862, Inscribed page to "William Atkinson for winning the Prize Solving Competition of the Huddersfield College Magazine Tourney No. III, John Watkinson, Chess Editor, May 1, 1880"h, vg, 3/4 leather on marbled boards with raised bands. Leather scuffed at edges.616 p. A fine copy of an early masterful work on chess problems. German. LAT

ALEKHIN-BOGOLJUBOW 1928,a fighting match with some excellent games,Yates & Winter edition, London, 1930.With some marginal notes by H.,R. Bigelow(NYC chess editor) $50.
b) London,with extensive notes by both competitors, $48.
AN EASY INTRODUCTION TO THE  GAME OF CHESS; CONTAINING ONE HUNDRED EXAMPLES OF GAMES, AND A GREAT VARIETY OF CRITICAL SITUATIONS AND CONCLUSIONS; INCLUDING THE WHOLE OF PHILIDOR'S ANALYSIS,...Philadelphia, 1824. A scarce edition. L/N 615, with the bookplate of  the Chess Library of Reginald George Hennessey, very nicely rebound in fresh leather with raised bands and gilt lettering and marbled boards. 267p, considerable foxing. One of the earliest American chess books  (Boston 1805 being the first). h, exc, $295

HANDLEDNING I SCHACKSPEL, Bearbetad Efter "Portius", Robert Sahlberg, Stockholm, 1876. With chess bookplate of Dr. M. Niemeijer. Swedish.  With 3 leaves chipped, but not affecting text. $85


BIBLIOTHECA SHAHILUDI (BIBLIOTHEK DES SCHACHSPIELS), Eduard Maria Oettinger, Leipzig, 1844. h, exc, with copious marginal notes of interest in a fine hand. Marbled covers and a decorative leather spine in exc. condition. Raised bands. 49p. A fine copy,  $450

NOTE: Some changes under Magazines and Yearbooks in purple, namely CHESS DIGEST & BCM years and miscellaneous issues and Russian Yearbooks. Also under Bibliography.
   We have the largest stock of old, rare, and out-of-print chessbooks in the world that are for sale—to the best of our knowledge.

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